Faith-based Activism, Charity, and the Maxims of Governance in Contemporary Shi‘i Politics


Panel organised at the annual conference of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA). Montreal, Canada. This panel examines the role of faith-based and religiously-motivated activism in contemporary Shi‘i politics as well as the triangulation of Shi‘i politics and global shifts in development practice, maxims of governance, and hybrid regimes of rule. Panelists will probe into the hybridified forms of governance and development practices that emerge from the intersection of faith-based activism and global political transformations. Panelists will examine transnational ties between the Middle East, East Africa, Europe and the U.K. We also interrogate the role of faith-based Shi‘i non-state providers (NSPs) and sub- and supranational aid-economy actors in the context of postwar reconstruction and urban revitalization, and examine hybrid regimes of rule in the Islamic Republic of Iran, where authoritarianism and electoral democracy are mutually reinforcing.


Organized by: Fouad Gehad Marei (University Of Birmingham).

Location: Montreal, Canada.

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